How It Works / Sizes

How It Works

The DEPCK Tubing Bailer works by having an overbalanced condition between the tubing and the casing. Without this overbalanced condition, the tool will not operate. This over-balanced condition exists from the Main Valve in the tubing string to the top of the fluid level in the casing. This condition is what creates the hydrostatic pressure which is necessary for the clean out operation. The DEPCK Tubing Bailer utilizes the tubing string as the bailer chamber and therefore, maximizes casing fill cleanout in a single trip.

Innovative improvements and the quality of the tool began drawing interest from other downhole service companies in the Permian Basin. DEPCK Oil Tools began making the tool available to these other service companies on a dealership basis. Geographical distribution expanded as the reputation of the DEPCK Bailers’ successes grew. DEPCK Oil Tools strives to continue its innovation in products and services in new markets.

I.F. Connections

4-3/4” O.D. w/ 3-1/2” I.F. Connections
3-3/8” O.D. w/ 2-3/8” I. F Connections

Tubing Connections

3-11/16” O.D. w/ 2-7/8” Eue 8rd Connections
3-1/16” O.D. w/ 2-3/8” Eue 8rd Connections
2.200” O.D. w/ 1.900 NU 10rd Connections

PAC Connections

3-1/8” O.D. w/ 2-3/8 PAC Connections